Debunking Myths


A few misconceptions surround beauty and what we should and shouldn't do, let's bust a few of these myths 

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Myth 1, which is the biggest one there is; ‘Black don’t crack’. 
It is a truth that as a result of the characteristics of skin of colour the ageing process of black skin is unique. Black skin will have different concerns compared to caucasian skin tones however, black skin still does show ageing. Also, many people suffer from other skin concerns like hyperpigmentation and age spots.

Myth 2: Black skin doesn’t need sunscreen
 There is a long-prevailing myth surrounding darker skin tones not needing to make use of SPF. Just like all other skin tones out there, black skin does need to apply a minimum SPF30 for protection against UVA/B rays. Melanin isn’t enough protection from the sun. Follow your moisturiser with sunscreen every day to protect your skin.
P.S. dark skin is prone to diseases like skin cancer too.

Myth 3: Black skin doesn’t get sunburnt
This is not true and just like any other skin tone, all skin can become burnt and blistered. Protect your skin; wear a hat, wear loosely cover-up clothing but most importantly wearing enough sun protection is necessary when in a hot climate.

Myth 4: There’s no need for sunscreen in the fall or winter.
All-day-every-day sunscreen usage is important, come rain or shine. However, some people think you only need sunscreen in the summer, but that is a myth. UV rays are present all year round, and that is why you should be wearing sunscreen every day including when you are staying indoors all day.