True Story



Compris Beauty was formed in 2019, as the ‘inclusive solution’ to a personal and shared frustration for the lack of retail platform with targeted beauty options for black women in the UK and Europe.


This idea was the brainchild of friends Temi and Diwura, who are beauty lovers or as some may say, beauty junkies. The idea was cooked on a cold January morning in 2019, in their favourite local café where they discussed everything between skincare, haircare and beauty frustrations.It became clear to them that it wasn’t okay to merely state facts and nag about the problem, “we wanted to be the change”. Therefore they decided they needed to create the go-to online beauty and wellness store for products that work. 




“I was on the hunt for beauty products that worked for my skin, but I didn’t see any retailers bringing together these great indie beauty brands catering to me as a black woman, at the forefront of the target audience. Compris Beauty comes in to be the change. For us, it wasn’t okay to merely state facts and nag about the problem, we wanted to be the change. Compris Beauty is not here to isolate a skin colour or type, we want to create an online store that has something for everyone and, you can be confident that you are purchasing products that work”. 


Today, Compris Beauty is a small business run by co-founders Temi and Diwura where black skincare, haircare and wellness no longer plays second fiddle in the beauty industry, with brands like Arami Essentials, Black Girl Sunscreen, Eléngé, Malako and Luxemore London . Brands that at the foundation have a compelling story, are solution focused and created with an inclusive target audience. 


Our mission & legacy is to be the go-to online retail platform for heritage beauty and wellness brands with products that are result focused. Creating a community of beauty and wellness consumers that are emotionally connected to the stories behind the brands they buy. Curating well known brands that have a loyal community with coveted products that are proven to work.