We are Compris Beauty
The Beginning. Our Story.
It was a cold January morning, the scene setting is a local café, we are seated five steps away from the entrance with a bird eye view of the car park. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the air, this is where two friends like to do their best plotting and daydreaming. Seating at the end of each other in their favourite ​hot​ spot, seriously! they are those sort of girls that label seats their own in cafés. These friends are beauty lovers or as some may say, beauty junkies. Seating in their favourite spot, they discuss the latest in their lives, everything from recent vacation, to why Michael B Jordan is Zeus, everything in between,skincare and beauty frustrations. Then the light bulb moment happened. TA said to DA are you thinking what I am thinking and DA answered yes! but not until after finishing off the last of her muffin…... ​A beauty retailer that catered to them is just what is needed out there.
They would search the world for brands that serve them and their needs. And they both high fived and said let's do this. And so Compris Beauty was formed, a place and safe haven for us and people alike.
Our Purpose. Our Stance.

Compris Beauty shares one simple mission: We were created for you because we believe you are beautiful, and you're beauty standard.

We celebrate your determination to love yourself and care for yourself. Caring for your skin is self-care at its finest. Everyone needs beauty products that meet their personal grooming needs, made from the finest ingredients that nature and [or] science has to offer and, with utmost regard to sustainability. Our goal is to provide that to you.

We have created a home where beauty products have been curated that take good care of you and make you feel like the best you. Everything else is complex in the world but why should your beauty needs be? You are in control of this, as such, you should have options. You deserve a place that thinks of you and caters just to you because you are important.

Compris Beauty is the beauty insider that provides you, who want to look your best at no cost to your health or the earth, with the finest result-focused beauty brands that have been created with you in mind. 


Free home delivery

Free home delivery on all orders over £75.00 (UK and Europe).

Quality Products

We ensure all our products are of the highest quality, from reputable indie brands you can trust.

28 Days Return

Unhappy with your purchase? We provide a 28 day returns period.

Online Support

Our team can provide tailored beauty advice to tackle your beauty ​bête noire.